• Pavlos Tsiampartas

Commercials: Creating a world in 30 seconds.

It's all about Point-Of-View.

The term point of view has many meanings. Most of the time it refers to the angle of the camera, but what about the author's point-of view?

If the writer wants you to feel a certain way about the subject or story, he/she creates a world that is best suited to the emotional outcome he/she wants you to feel. For example, if a writer creates a firefighter as the main character, the movie will be made in a particular P.O.V in mind. It might be an organized, family oriented, male character. While it may be very different for someone else; she may be a female firefighter with career-oriented goals.

In a film or a series, the story of that character will have to be extended in order to keep the story interesting, but what about a 30 sec to 1 min commercial?

Commercials demand a different approach. If the product wants to show that it is fun, low fat, and tasty in 30 seconds, the creator has to come up with a way to make you feel that the particular product is fun, low fat, and tasty in 30 seconds. Hence, the point-of-view is way more obvious.

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